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Feb 2020

Sweden: Rising roundwood prices in 2019

Delivery prices on roundwood in Sweden have increased two years in a row. The increase of 2019 was however less than the year before... [Ещё… ]

Pellet prices in Switzerland continue to rise in February

Pellet prices in Switzerland rose for the fourth consecutive month in February. However, the curve continued to flatten... [Ещё… ]

Tyrolean softwood log prices rose sharply

The State of Tyrol reports considerable price increases for roundwood at the beginning of the year. During the 7th Tyrolean softwood submission by the Tyrolean Forest Association, 498 m3 were traded... [Ещё… ]

Jan 2020

Germany: Price of pellets rises slightly in December

The price of wood pellets in Germany rose slightly in December as in previous years. The price went of pellets went up by 1.3 percent compared to the previous month... [Ещё… ]

Austria: Slight increase in wood pellet prices in December

The December 2019 price survey done by proPellets Austria resulted in an average price of 24.29 €-Cent per kg of wood pellets or 4.96 Cent per kWh... [Ещё… ]

Swiss pellet price increase flattens

Pellet prices in Switzerland rose for the third time in a row in the current month. Compared to December 2019 (CHF 373 / t), the average price rose by 0.4% to CHF 374.5 / t... [Ещё… ]

SCA to increase NBSK price

SCA will increase the price on bleached softwood kraft pulp (NBSK) in Europe... [Ещё… ]

Södra to increase NBSK price in Europe

Södra Cell is increasing the price of its northern bleached softwood kraft (NBSK) pulp in Europe... [Ещё… ]

Austria: Pellet prices overview in January 2020

The proPellets Austria price survey for January 2020 showed an average price of ... [Ещё… ]

Dec 2019

Roundwood prices in Estonia impacted by the bark beetle infestation in Central Europe and global economic downturn

Roundwood prices in Estonia started to fall rapidly from their spring high. To be blamed is a cooling of the global economy and widespread damage to spruce trees caused by the bark beetle infestation in Central Europe... [Ещё… ]

Nov 2019

Switzerland: Sharp rise in wood pellet prices in November

In Switzerland, prices for wood pellets rose sharply in November. The average price for ENplus A1 quality pellets is... [Ещё… ]

Prices of logs in expected to drop this year and in 2020

Due to the downward trend and lower production volumes in Finland's wood products industry, the average stumpage prices of logs will decrease by 3–7% this year... [Ещё… ]

Germany: Producer prices for wood products continue to fall in October 2019

German producer prices for commercial wood products continued to fall in October 2019, both year-on-year and as compared to the previous month... [Ещё… ]

Downward trend in prices for sawlogs continues in Finland

Prices for sawlogs in Finland continued the downward trend in October 2019. The average price for pine sawlogs was EUR 54.40 / m3, and for spruce sawdlogs EUR 57.80 / m3... [Ещё… ]

Tyrol: Sharp rise in spruce sawlogs price

In October, the average price for the main assortment spruce sawlogs B/ C 2a-3b rose sharply... [Ещё… ]

Falling roundwood prices in Estonia

The year 2019 is marked by falling roundwood prices in large parts of Central, Northern and Eastern Europe. In particular, the spruce is under price pressure due to extensive bark beetle infestation, even in countries such as Estonia, which themselves have not encountered damage by the bark beetle... [Ещё… ]

Oct 2019

Pellets im Oktober wie gewohnt etwas teurer

Holzpellets sind im Oktober saisonbedingt im Preis gestiegen, und zwar um 2,1 Prozent im Vergleich zum Vormonat. Die vom Deutschen Energieholz- und Pellet-Verband e.V. (DEPV) veröffentlichte Statistik gibt für den bundesweiten Tonnenpreis bei 6 Tonnen (t) Abnahmemenge... [Ещё… ]

Jun 2019

Spruce prices falling sharply in Tyrol

In May, the price level for the main roundwood range spruce BC 2a-3b in Tyrol fell sharply. In April, the price had risen sharply due to good sales in East Tyrol... [Ещё… ]

Mar 2019

Minimal rise in German producer prices for wood products in January

In January 2019, the German producer prices for wood products show two different trends. Compared to the same month last year, there is still a clear upward trend. Compared to December, only half of the values ​​increased, for the most part only minimally... [Ещё… ]

Feb 2019

Швейцария: цены на пеллеты незначительно выросли в феврале 2019 г.

В феврале 2019 года в Швейцарии наблюдался незначительный рост цен на пеллеты. Так, в феврале текущего года средняя цена на швейцарские пеллеты качества ENplus A1 составляет [Ещё… ]

Германия: цены на пеллеты слегка поднялись в феврале 2019 г.

В феврале 2019 года цены на пеллеты слегка поднялись в Германии — на 1,7% по отношению к [Ещё… ]

Финляндия: динамика цен на круглый лес в январе 2019 г.

В январе 2019 года цена на финское сосновое бревно составляла 60,0 евро/м3, а на еловое [Ещё… ]

Steigende Pelletpreise in Österreich im Februar

Im Februar sind die Endverbraucherpreise für Holzpellets der Qualität ENplus A1 in Österreich leicht gestiegen... [Ещё… ]

Prices for wood pellets increase slightly in Austria

In February, the prices for wood pellets increased slightly in Austria. The average price for wood pellets is now... [Ещё… ]

Австрия: незначительный рост цен на пеллеты в феврале 2019 г.

В феврале 2019 года в Австрии наблюдался незначительный рост цен на пеллеты. Средняя цена на пеллеты на данный момент составляет [Ещё… ]