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Apr 2014

Switzerland: Third consecutive price decrease of wood pellets in April

In April the average price of pellets in Switzerland has registered another significant decrease, confirming a downward trend which started in February... [Ещё… ]

Mar 2014

Price for pellets in Switzerland slightly declines in March

In March, the average price of pellets in Switzerland has registered the second decrease since the beginning of the year. The current price stands at... [Ещё… ]

Jan 2014

Switzerland: Pellet price increased almost 5% during 2013

From January to December 2013, the average pellet price in Switzerland has increased by 4,79%. The year started with an average price of 398.2 CHF/tonne (approximately EUR 321); reached its lowest point in [Ещё… ]

Switzerland: pellet price up 5,5% yoy

In January 2014 pellets have become more expensive in Switzerland. The average price rose from CHF 417.3/tonne (EUR 338.36) in December 2013 to CHF 420.3/tonne (EUR 340.79) in January... [Ещё… ]

Nov 2013

Stable wood prices in Switzerland

The Swiss Timber Market Commission (HMK) reports that the demand for softwood logs remains good, despite high import pressure. Forest owners and sawyers pursue stable prices based on a continuous good supply from processing plants. More recently, beech has again a stronger demand [Ещё… ]

Oct 2013

Sep 2013

Switzerland: pellet price up 1,5%

As compared to July, Swiss pellet price in August has increased by 1.5% from an average CHF 392 to CHF 397.70 per ton. Compared to last year, the price increase was 6%... [Ещё… ]

Nov 2011

Swiss Pellet Prices Rise

Price decline for wood pellets in Switzerland has stopped. <strong>Pelletpreis.ch</strong> reports slightly rising prices for November. Average price increases from CHF 386.6 per tonne in October to CHF 389.3 in November 2011. Last year, average price was CHF 403.3 per tonne. The seasonal increase turns out lower than in previous years. Weather conditions and pellet imports act still restraining. [Ещё… ]

Oct 2011

Swiss Pellet Market Pressurized by Imports

Due to the strong Swiss franc, that makes attractive imports of pellets from neighboring countries, and persistently warm temperatures, pellet price in Switzerland is still perssurized: Also in October, with CHF 386.60 per ton prices ranged at September level, about 15 francs cheaper than in October 2010. [Ещё… ]

Sep 2011

Switzerland: Imports Force Pellet Prices Down

In September 2011, pellet prices in Switzerland declined compared to the previous month. However, a seasonal price increase had been expected by <strong>Pelletpreis.ch.</strong> The decline is explained by increased imports from the euro-zone and high stocks of the Swiss pellet manufacturers built up in spring. [Ещё… ]

Aug 2011

Switzerland: Log Demand in Dispute

"We do not know where we are," characterizes a Swiss forest contractor the current timber market situation. At present, it is hard to estimate how big log demand off Swiss sawmills will be in the upcoming fall. On one hand lumber imports – especially KVH and glulam – from the euro zone could increase since a strong Swiss franc makes goods from abroad more and more affordable. On the other hand, Swiss construction industry is working to high capacity and makes for a high timber demand. [Ещё… ]

Jul 2011

Swiss Pellet Prices Ease

The price survey of <strong>Pelletpreis.ch</strong> for August 2011 shows a slight decline of the pellet prices in Switzerland. A slight seasonal increase had been expected. Cheap imports from the euro zone countries already seem to have an impact. [Ещё… ]