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Nov 2021

Estonia: Record prices for softwood logs in Q3/2021

The main keyword of the third quarter of the year in Estonia is very high prices for both softwood and hardwood log assortments. During the quarter, new price records were set in almost all assortments.... [Ещё… ]

Dec 2019

Roundwood prices in Estonia impacted by the bark beetle infestation in Central Europe and global economic downturn

Roundwood prices in Estonia started to fall rapidly from their spring high. To be blamed is a cooling of the global economy and widespread damage to spruce trees caused by the bark beetle infestation in Central Europe... [Ещё… ]

Nov 2019

Falling roundwood prices in Estonia

The year 2019 is marked by falling roundwood prices in large parts of Central, Northern and Eastern Europe. In particular, the spruce is under price pressure due to extensive bark beetle infestation, even in countries such as Estonia, which themselves have not encountered damage by the bark beetle... [Ещё… ]

Sep 2018

Эстония: цены на круглый лес стабилизировались в июле 2018 г.

В июле 2018 года цены на круглый лес в Эстонии стабилизировались. Цены на большую часть сортиментов остались на уровне предыдущего месяца [Ещё… ]

Jan 2018

Эстония: значительный рост цен на круглый лес в декабре 2017 г.

В конце 2017 года выросли цены почти на весь эстонский круглый лес. В декабре 2017 года наблюдался значительный рост цен на эстонский сосновый пиловочник по отношению к [Ещё… ]

Oct 2017

Roundwood prices going up in Estonia

Roundwood prices in Estonia have mostly increased during August 2018, as compared both to the same period last year, but also compared with the previous month [Ещё… ]

Эстония: рост цен на круглый лес в августе 2017 г.

В августе 2017 года цены почти на весь эстонский круглый лес выросли как по отношению к аналогичному периоду прошлого года, так и по отношению к предыдущему месяцу [Ещё… ]

May 2017

Эстония: цены на круглый лес в феврале 2017 г.

В Эстонии в феврале 2017 года цены почти на все виды круглого леса пошли на снижение. Исключением стали лишь сосновые балансы и еловое бревно, цены на которые незначительно выросли по отношению к предыдущему месяцу [Ещё… ]

Mar 2017

Estonia: Roundwood prices in December

The price of roundwood in Estonia increased at the end of 2016 and was above last year's level in December. [Ещё… ]

Эстония: цены на круглый лес в декабре 2016 года

В конце 2016 года в Эстонии наблюдался рост цен на кругляк. Цены были выше, чем в декабре 2015 года. Так, значительно превышала показатели 2015 года цена на [Ещё… ]

Aug 2016

Log prices in Estonia lower than last year

Roundwood in Estonia decreased in June 2016, as compared to the same month of 2015. Of the pulpwood assortments, the price for birch decreased the most, by -15.39%, reaching EUR 23.37/m3 [Ещё… ]

Эстония: снижение цен на кругляк по отношению к прошлому году

В июне 2016 года цены на эстонский кругляк снизились по отношению к соответствующему периоду прошлого года. В сегменте балансовой древесины значительнее всего подешевели [Ещё… ]

Apr 2016

Estonia: Log prices in February 2016

Estonian sawlog and pulpwood have registered some mixed developments in February. Most of the Estonian sawlog prices trended below the levels of February 2015 [Ещё… ]

Эстония: цены на бревно в феврале 2016 года

В феврале текущего года цены на эстонский пиловочник и балансы были неоднозначными. Цены почти на все сорта эстонского пиловочника снизились по отношению к февралю 2016 года [Ещё… ]

Dec 2015

Estonia: Roundwood prices considerably lower compared to last year

On a yearly basis, nearly all roundwood assortments in Estonia have become cheaper in August 2015, with few exceptions. Pine logs were traded at 65.21/m³ (more than -5% below August 2014). Spruce logs price has decreased by [Ещё… ]

Aug 2015

Roundwood price going downwards in Estonia

Sawlog prices have become cheaper in June both as compared to the previous month as well as compared to last year [Ещё… ]

Jun 2015

Estonia: Roundwood price changes in March uneven

In March 2015, roundwood prices in Estonia have registered some disparate developments compared to last year [Ещё… ]

Mar 2015

Roundwood price trending downwards in Estonia

All roundwood assortments have become cheaper in Estonia at the beginning of 2015. On average, sawlog prices have declined by -3.3% compared to the previous month, and pulpwood prices by -6.3% [Ещё… ]

Feb 2015

Estonia: Roundwood prices on the rise at year-end

With few exceptions, nearly all roundwood assortments in Estonia have become more expensive in December 2014... [Ещё… ]

Эстония: цены на круглый лес повысились в конце 2014 г.

За небольшим исключением, почти весь ассортимент эстонского круглого леса подорожал в декабре 2014 года... [Ещё… ]

Dec 2014

Estonia: Roundwood prices decline in October

With few exceptions, nearly all roundwood assortments in Estonia have become cheaper in October 2014. Spruce logs were traded at EUR 65.41/m³... [Ещё… ]

Nov 2014

Estonia: Roundwood prices stable in September

Prices for almost all roundwood assortments in Estonia are stable in September 2014 both as compared to August, as well as compared to September 2013. However, there are some exceptions... [Ещё… ]

Sep 2014

Estonia: Roundwood prices in July

Estonian sawlog prices have registered some mixed results in July this year. Pine sawlogs price has continued the favourable upward trend which was recorded throughout the year... [Ещё… ]

Aug 2014

Roundwood in Estonia a bit more expensive in June

Roundwood prices in Estonia are trending slightly upward in June. An exception is the price of spruce roundwood that has fallen over May. Also... [Ещё… ]

Jul 2014

Roundwood prices largely stable in Estonia

After the significant price surge registered in April, in May roundwood prices in Estonia have stabilized. Pine sawlogs are cheaper over April by about 0,42 euros/cbm, while spruce, birch and aspen sawlogs are more expensive by... [Ещё… ]