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Mar 2022

Lumber prices increase in North America

Most lumber prices in North America rose by a noticeable margin in the week ending February 18, as ongoing strong demand and relentless delayed deliveries prompted customers who had been waiting on the sidelines to step in and buy. Due to still-lengthening order files, sawmills were able to hold their ground on prices... [Ещё… ]

North American lumber prices increased 14% since the start of war in Ukraine

North American lumber prices are have continued to rise mainly since Russia has invaded Ukraine. Since Vladimir Putin oredered troops to enter Ukraine, price have increased by 14%... [Ещё… ]

Sweden: Mellanskog to increase pulpwood prices

Mellanskog increased prices for pulpwood and timber effective 7 March 2022. The adjustment means that the basic price list is increased by SEK 20 / m3fub for timber and pulpwood... [Ещё… ]

Södra to raise timber prices

As of the 11th March, Södra increased the prices of several timber ranges in order to strengthen the members' profitability and maintain the flows to the industry.... [Ещё… ]

North American lumber prices flatten

Industry players hoped a balance of supply and demand has been reached, so price volatility settles down and true volumes of lumber are sold into this spring. [Ещё… ]

Feb 2022

U.S. lumber prices in 2020 and 2021 set record highs even when adjusted for inflation

Most analyses of U.S. lumber price trends and levels fail to account for inflation because the price data for softwood lumber used in framing applications is generally quoted using the Random Lengths Framing Lumber Composite Price or lumber futures prices–neither of which is inflation-adjusted... [Ещё… ]

Switzerland: Initiative calls for recommended retail prices for logs

At the end of January, the Environment Commission of the Swiss Council of States approved the parliamentary initiative "Price recommendations also for wood from Swiss forests" by WaldSchweiz President and Councilor of States Daniel Fässler. She demands that the industry can agree on target prices for raw wood harvested in Swiss forests... [Ещё… ]

Jan 2022

U.S. lumber prices rise once again

Following a few months of moderating prices last spring and summer, U.S. lumber prices are soaring once again... [Ещё… ]

German pellet prices rising by double digits in December 2021

The rise in the price of raw materials such as wood chips led to a double-digit percentage increase in the price of pellets in Germany for the first time in December 2021. The German Pellet Institute (DEPI) reports that pellets cost an average of € 303.13 / t for delivery of 6 t.... [Ещё… ]

Prices for roundwood keep declining at Belarusian commodity exchange

Prices for industrial timber continue to decline at the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange [Ещё… ]

N. American lumber prices jump to seven-month high

North American lumber prices have risen to a seven-month high as the lingering effects of flooding in Western Canada disrupt supplies and shipments. [Ещё… ]

Ikea to raise prices globally by 9%

The Ingka Group, owner of 392 Ikea stores, informed that it will raise prices this year due to the supply chain issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic.... [Ещё… ]

North American softwood lumber prices pop up to begin 2022

Continuing significant lumber sales volumes and ongoing constraints with supply, particularly in transportation, served to drive most construction framing dimension softwood lumber prices higher in the first week of 2022... [Ещё… ]

N. American softwood lumber prices rise further through Mid-January 2022

Unusual for the time of year but a surprise to no one, lumber prices rose further in the second week of January. Ongoing momentum of strong demand from the end of 2021 combined with significant supply constraints, most notably from the northwest especially British Columbia, served to keep prices high... [Ещё… ]

Germany: Lower Saxony timber submission brought record prices again

On January 19, 2022, the bid opening of the 31st Northeim variegated hardwood and oak timber submission took place. A total of 1,243 m3 (2021: 1,258 m3) of hardwood in 521 lots (2021: 561 lots) were offered at the Suterode and Liebenburg wood storage yards of the Lower Saxony State Forests (NLF)... [Ещё… ]

Dec 2021

Spruce log prices in Germany partly declining in the 4th quarter

In the fourth quarter, the demand for fresh spruce logs in Germany was mostly more subdued than in the summer. However, long logs and fix lengths remain in some regions in great demand and achieve consistently high prices. For long logs B/C 2b sometimes there are [Ещё… ]

North American lumber prices keep on going up

The south of the province of British Columbia is under a state-of-emergency due to relentless stormwater accumulating over the past month... [Ещё… ]

Swiss pellet prices rise in December 2021

In December 2021, pellet prices in Switzerland strengthened their upward trend from the previous month. On average, they reach a value of 396 CHF / t (+ 9.3%) - after an increase of 1.9% to 362.3 CHF / t in November... [Ещё… ]

Nov 2021

Finland: Log prices shifting slightly downwards in October, but higher yoy

Roundwood prices in Finland are mostly unchanged in October 2021 as compared to the previous month. The price for sawlog assortments has dropped but in the 1% range. Only small-sized spruce logs' price has dropped by almost 3%.... [Ещё… ]

Rising Q3/2021 log prices in Sweden

The third quarter of 2021 shows rising sawlog prices in Sweden both on a monthly basis as well as on a yearly comparison... [Ещё… ]

Estonia: Record prices for softwood logs in Q3/2021

The main keyword of the third quarter of the year in Estonia is very high prices for both softwood and hardwood log assortments. During the quarter, new price records were set in almost all assortments.... [Ещё… ]

Lithuania: Roundwood prices in Lithuania up sharply in September

Pine and spruce sawlog prices in Lithuania have doubled yoy in September 2021. Moreover, prices for all assortments are well above the levels of last year... [Ещё… ]

Austrian spruce log prices decreased again

Austria's sawmills are still very well stocked with spruce saw logs. Accordingly, demand was still subdued at the beginning of November 2021. That turn prices down. They were again reduced by 3 to 6 € / FMO. This fact, in combination with the previously announced revision [Ещё… ]