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Nov 2021

Lithuania: Roundwood prices in Lithuania up sharply in September

Pine and spruce sawlog prices in Lithuania have doubled yoy in September 2021. Moreover, prices for all assortments are well above the levels of last year... [Ещё… ]

Dec 2015

Falling roundwood prices in Lithuania

The declining trend in Lithuanian roundwood prices which started in January continued in July. Except a stable birch and a rising alder, prices for all sawlogs declined as compared to the previous month [Ещё… ]

Jun 2015

Declining roundwood prices in Lithuania

After a relatively stable February, Lithuanian roundwood prices went down again in March both as compared to February as well as compared to March 2014. Pine and spruce are cheaper by [Ещё… ]

Apr 2015

Латвия: средние закупочные цены на кругляк в 2014 году

Во второй половине 2014 года средеяя цена на березовый фанерный кряж в Латвии была на 13% выше, чем в первые шесть месяцев того же года. В среднем, латвийский фанерный кряж категории А стоил €86,56 за м3 [Ещё… ]

Mar 2015

Sawlog prices rise in Lithuania

At the beginning of January, Lithuanian roundwood has recorded some mixed price movements. Sawlog prices have trended upwards, after a drop in December. Conversely, pulpwood prices for all assortments have declined compared to the previous month [Ещё… ]

Рост цен на пиловчник в Литве

В начале января динамика цен на литовский круглый лес была весьма неоднозначна. Цены на пиловочник начали расти после декабрьского спада. Цены на балансы, напротив, сократились на весь ассортимент по сравнению с предыдущим месяцем... [Ещё… ]

Sep 2014

Declining roundwood prices in Lithuania

The declining trend in Lithuanian roundwood prices which started in April continues in June, though prices for almost all assortments are well above last year's levels. In June, sawlogs are cheaper over May by between... [Ещё… ]

Jul 2014

Roundwood prices in Lithuania decreased in May, but are still above last year's level

The declining trend in Lithuanian roundwood prices which started in April continues in May, though prices for almost all assortments are well above last year... [Ещё… ]

Jul 2013

Uncertain log market in Malaysia

Sarawak log exporters are saying that market sentiment is uncertain as some log buyers are waiting to see if the Indonesian authorities decide to allow the export of plantation logs. [Ещё… ]

Jun 2013

Malaysia: Export demand remains subdued

Analysts report that demand in the main export markets remains weak but that there are signs of increased buyer interest in Europe and that, after a quiet spell, Indian buyers have become more active. [Ещё… ]

May 2013

Malaysia’s main trading partner - China

The Malaysia External Trade Corporation recently reported that China continues to be Malaysia‟s largest trade partner... [Ещё… ]

Malaysia: Election fever dampens trading in domestic market

Malaysia went to polls for the thirteenth time on 5 May to fill 222 parliamentary seats... [Ещё… ]

Apr 2013

Launch of Malaysian timber legality assurance system (MYTLAS)

Malaysia has not yet concluded a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) with the EU and negotiations between the two parties continue... [Ещё… ]

Malaysia: MIFF such a success exhibitors signing up for next years’ fair

Tan Chin Huat, chairman of the Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) said that exhibitors at last months’ fair reported record orders of RM2.63 billion (approximately US$854 million)... [Ещё… ]

Mar 2013

Malaysia: Inflation is in check and 2013 prospects appear good

The Malaysian economy grew by 5.6% in 2012 compared to 5.1% in 2011 according to a recent report from the Central Bank... [Ещё… ]

Malaysia: Growth in furniture exports to the US

Preliminary figures for Malaysian timber exports in 2012 suggest they totalled RM 19.9 billion (approximately US$ 6.3 billion) however, the statistics are still being finalised... [Ещё… ]

Feb 2013

Malaysia: Production set to halt for Chinese New Year holidays

As the Chinese New Year holidays approach the timber industries in Malaysia are beginning to wind down production and prepare for a shut down from the first week in February. Sawmills, especially in Peninsular Malaysia, will shut for an extended break in early February... [Ещё… ]

Malaysia: Industries close to welcome Chinese Year of the snake

Industries close to welcome Chinese Year of the snake The timber industry in Malaysia traditionally closes for the Chinese New Year celebrations... [Ещё… ]

Jan 2013

Malaysia: Weak global demand affects exports

The most recent export data shows that Malaysian exports totalled RM 390.3 billion for the period January to September 2012; this generated an average monthly positive trade balance of around RM 10 billion... [Ещё… ]

Dec 2011

Malaysia: Some progress in negotiations with EU on VPA

The Malaysian Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities has indicated that some progress has been made in talks with the European Union (EU) concerning the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA)... [Ещё… ]

Malaysia: Investment in furniture production will bring substantial benefits to Sarawak

The Ministry of International Trade and Industry is urging the timber sector in Sarawak, as the state with the largest timber resource, to consider expanding investment in the furniture industry... [Ещё… ]

Nov 2011

Malaysia: MTCS rejected for Dutch government procurement

In 2010, the official Dutch government timber procurement body TPAC judged that the Malaysian Timber Certification System (MTCS) does not meet the Dutch procurement criteria for wood... [Ещё… ]

Malaysia: 2011 export target can be meet says Minister

The Malaysian Plantation and Commodities Ministry said that the Malaysian timber industry is projected to meet its export target of RM20 billion to RM21 billion, which is close to the RM20.5 billion exports in 2010... [Ещё… ]

Oct 2011

Malaysia aims to maintain furniture exports at 2010 levels

Malaysia’s exports of wooden furniture in 2011 are expected be no higher than the RM6.5 billion achieved in 2010 as continued uncertainty in the global economy weighs on the timber manufacturing and export sectors... [Ещё… ]

Malaysia: Log market to be sustained by Indian imports says producer

Sarawak based Jaya Tiasa Holdings Bhd. is of the view that export market prices for logs from Sarawak will remain firm due to the tight supply situation... [Ещё… ]