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Feb 2022

Nov 2021

Austrian spruce log prices decreased again

Austria's sawmills are still very well stocked with spruce saw logs. Accordingly, demand was still subdued at the beginning of November 2021. That turn prices down. They were again reduced by 3 to 6 € / FMO. This fact, in combination with the previously announced revision [Ещё… ]

Sep 2021

Austrian pellet prices stable in August

In August, the end consumer prices for wood pellets in Austria remained stable. The average price for loose pellets of quality ENplus A1 (order quantity 6t) was 22.47 cents / kg. [Ещё… ]

Jul 2021

Austria: Rise in roundwood prices expected due to strong demand

Felix Montecuccoli, President of Land & Forst Betriebe Österreich expects a strong dynamic for the round wood market due to the strongly increasing demand for sawn and wood products and considers a fixed meter price of... [Ещё… ]

Apr 2021

Austria: Pellet price at the lowest level in 10 years

With an average value of 21.9 cents per kilogram (kg), the price of pellets in Austria this year is below the value of 22 cents per kg for the first time since 2010... [Ещё… ]

Mar 2021

Pakistan tries to prevent price-related chaos on the import market

Pakistan is experiencing a major economical imbalance caused by the Corona virus pandemic. The country was suffering from issues even before due to depreciation of Rupee; now the situation has further deteriorated. Today 1 US-$ equals around 160 Rupees. As Fordaq experts anticipate, in a few [Ещё… ]

Jan 2021

Austria: Wood pellet price overview in January 2020

The price survey done by proPellets Austria resulted in an average price of 23.14 cents per kg of pellets or 4.72 Cent per kWh in January... [Ещё… ]

Jun 2020

Austria: Price of wood pellets decreasing in April

The price survey done by proPellets Austria resulted in an average price of 22.60 €-Cent per kg of wood pellets or 4.61 Cent per kWh... [Ещё… ]

Feb 2020

Tyrolean softwood log prices rose sharply

The State of Tyrol reports considerable price increases for roundwood at the beginning of the year. During the 7th Tyrolean softwood submission by the Tyrolean Forest Association, 498 m3 were traded... [Ещё… ]

Jan 2020

Austria: Slight increase in wood pellet prices in December

The December 2019 price survey done by proPellets Austria resulted in an average price of 24.29 €-Cent per kg of wood pellets or 4.96 Cent per kWh... [Ещё… ]

Austria: Pellet prices overview in January 2020

The proPellets Austria price survey for January 2020 showed an average price of ... [Ещё… ]

Nov 2019

Tyrol: Sharp rise in spruce sawlogs price

In October, the average price for the main assortment spruce sawlogs B/ C 2a-3b rose sharply... [Ещё… ]

Jun 2019

Spruce prices falling sharply in Tyrol

In May, the price level for the main roundwood range spruce BC 2a-3b in Tyrol fell sharply. In April, the price had risen sharply due to good sales in East Tyrol... [Ещё… ]

Feb 2019

Prices for wood pellets increase slightly in Austria

In February, the prices for wood pellets increased slightly in Austria. The average price for wood pellets is now... [Ещё… ]

Австрия: незначительный рост цен на пеллеты в феврале 2019 г.

В феврале 2019 года в Австрии наблюдался незначительный рост цен на пеллеты. Средняя цена на пеллеты на данный момент составляет [Ещё… ]

Jan 2019

Австрия: рост цен на пеллеты в январе 2019 г.

В январе 2019 года цена на пеллеты качества ENplus А1 в Австрии довольно резко выросла. Средняя цена на пеллеты на данный момент составляет [Ещё… ]

Dec 2018

Spruce price fell sharply in Tyrol

Following the storm Vaia, which mainly generated significant volumes of damaged wood in Italy, the price of Tyrolean spruce logs fell in November. [Ещё… ]

Спад цен на еловый кругляк в Тироле

В ноябре 2018 года в Тироле был зарегистрирован спад цен на еловое бревно в связи с большими объемами древесины, поваленной штормом «Вайя» на севере Италии. Снижение цен в Восточном Тироле было более [Ещё… ]

Nov 2018

Rising spruce prices in Tyrol

Despite a massive oversupply of storm and beetle wood, rising spruce timber prices were reported in October. This does applies to fresh wood, but also to lower-quality ranges. [Ещё… ]

Oct 2018

Spruce prices in Tyrol stable in September

The price level of the main assortment sawlogs - quality class B/C in Tyrol remained stable in September. The average price reached 86.21 € / m3 and thus about 0.5% higher than in August [Ещё… ]

Австрия: цена на пеллеты выросла на 3,7% в октябре 2018 г.

В октябре 2018 года цена на австрийские пеллеты качества ENplus А1 (при поставке 6 тонн) на данный момент составляет 23,97 евроцентов/тонна или [Ещё… ]

Sep 2018

Minimal logging activity in Tyrol

In August, the price for spruce sawlogs quality class B/C (85.75 € / m³, + 1.24%) slightly increased in Tyrol, but with a very low evaluation basis of only 1.093 m³. [Ещё… ]

Цены на круглый лес в Тироле незначительно выросли во 2кв. 2018 г.

В августе 2018 года цена на еловый пиловочник сорта B/C незначительно выросла в Тироле [Ещё… ]

Aug 2018

Prices of Austrian wood pellets stable in August

In August, the price of wood pellets in Austria kept stable as compared to July. The average price of ENplusA1 wood pellets has only increased slightly and currently stands at [Ещё… ]

Австрия: цены на пеллеты незначительно выросли в августе 2018 г.

В августе 2018 года цены на австрийские пеллеты остаются стабильными по отношению к предыдущему месяцу [Ещё… ]