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Feb 2022

Switzerland: Initiative calls for recommended retail prices for logs

At the end of January, the Environment Commission of the Swiss Council of States approved the parliamentary initiative "Price recommendations also for wood from Swiss forests" by WaldSchweiz President and Councilor of States Daniel Fässler. She demands that the industry can agree on target prices for raw wood harvested in Swiss forests... [Ещё… ]

Jul 2021

Switzerland: Rising prices for roundwood

Since the beginning of June, Swiss forest companies have had attractive log prices for deliveries to Austria and Germany. There the prices have risen sharply due to the lack of wood... [Ещё… ]

Jan 2018

Storm Burglind causes damages of 1.3 million m3 in Switzerland

On January 16, the Swiss Wood Market Commission assessed the current situation after the storm Burglind and its impact on the timber market. [Ещё… ]

Aug 2015

Switzerland: Strong franc the main cause of a bad business year

The Swiss Timber Market Commission (HMK) sees a timber market negatively impacted by a weak economic environment and a massive strong Swiss franc. The euro area is no stimulent for growth and the downturn in China recently unsettled the whole world. During the 26th of August meeting, the HMK agreed again on two separate trends: Swiss sawyers which indicate stable prices; and forest owners, which expect to adapt to the slightly improved exchange rate. [Ещё… ]

May 2014

Stable roundwood prices in Switzerland

In Switzerland, the current signs in the construction and timber industry indicate that wood demand will grow. Prices moved at the levels of 2013. The guide price for spruce is CHF 115/cbm, the equivalent of 94 euros. Beech prices rose by CHF 5/cbm... [Ещё… ]

Nov 2013

Stable wood prices in Switzerland

The Swiss Timber Market Commission (HMK) reports that the demand for softwood logs remains good, despite high import pressure. Forest owners and sawyers pursue stable prices based on a continuous good supply from processing plants. More recently, beech has again a stronger demand [Ещё… ]

Aug 2011

Switzerland: Log Demand in Dispute

"We do not know where we are," characterizes a Swiss forest contractor the current timber market situation. At present, it is hard to estimate how big log demand off Swiss sawmills will be in the upcoming fall. On one hand lumber imports – especially KVH and glulam – from the euro zone could increase since a strong Swiss franc makes goods from abroad more and more affordable. On the other hand, Swiss construction industry is working to high capacity and makes for a high timber demand. [Ещё… ]