Недельный обзор иностранной прессы от IHB/Fordaq: 22-26 января 2018 г.

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В разделе новостей от IHB/Fordaq каждый понедельники выходит недельный обзор иностранной прессы. Подборка новостей за прошедшую неделю на английском языке, представленная ниже, освещает основные события лесной промышленности со всего мира.

22-26 января 2018 года:

ZOW 2018 promises to be an exciting edition

Growth in hospitality sector creates new opportunities for the furniture industry

Construction rules in China change to allow Japanese wood

FSC launches new controlled wood interpretations for chain of custody and controlled wood standards

Company accused by EIA of supplying illegal teak for luxury yachts denies allegations

New Zealand export log prices hit new record

Decline in US balsa imports

Granuul Invest buys its first bulk carrier

Book your booth now for the Belgian biannual Parquet and Floor Fair EFWEX

India: Industry challenges Customs Department minimum price for imported teak

Hancock acquires timberlands in Chile

End-of-show report on Magna Expo Mueblera (17–20 January 2018):

EU FLEGT Independent Market Monitor launches website and newsletter

Stora Enso signs a global framework agreement with three global unions

Välinge has obtained another 350 granted patents and extends the portfolio with embossing and bevel technologies

US: Court hearing on formaldehyde rule compliance deadline postponed


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