Austria: Pellet prices overview in January 2020

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The proPellets Austria price survey for January 2020 showed an average price of € 24.51 / t for wood pellets; a kilowatt hour of heat therefore costs 5 ct.

The price comparison to the previous month shows an increase of 0.9%; compared to January 2019 - 1.6%. According to proPellets Austria, the cost advantage compared to extra light heating oil is 62.0%, compared to natural gas 61.9%.

Pellets in a 15 kg sack cost an average of € 4.12 / sack when you pick up a pallet. ProPellets Austria estimates the pellet price for commercial use with a purchase quantity of 17 t for January 2020 at an average of € 209.85 / t. In the previous month's comparison this is +1.0%; every year –1.5%. (Without VAT)

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