Brazil: Current domestic and export prices for logs, sawnwood and plywood

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Brazilian logs, mill yard, domestic US$ per m3
Ipê 144▲
Jatoba 81▲
Massaranduba 85▲
Muiracatiara 87▲
Angelim Vermelho 80▲
Mixed redwood and white wood 69▲

Export Sawnwood Prices

Sawnwood, Belem/Paranagua Ports, FOB US$ per m3
Ipe 1451▲
Jatoba 973▼
Massaranduba 772▼
Muiracatiara 765▼
Pine (KD) 209▼
FOB Belém/PA; Paranaguá/PR; Navegantes/SC and Itajaí/SC Ports. High quality wood (no cracks / without knots) / Measuring 2,50 m in length; 15 cm wide; and 30 mm thick.

Domestic Sawnwood Prices

Brazilian sawnwood, domestic (Green ex-mill) US$ per m3
Ipê 700▲
Jatoba 348▲
Massaranduba 317▲
Muiracatiara 330▲
Angelim Vermelho 291▲
Mixed red and white 184▲
Eucalyptus (AD) 171▲
Pine (AD) 123▲
Pine (KD) 139▲

Export Plywood Prices

Pine Plywood EU market, FOB US$ per m3
9mm C/CC (WBP) 323▼
12mm C/CC (WBP) 293▼
15mm C/CC (WBP) 291▼
18mm C/CC (WBP) 288▼

Domestic Plywood Prices (excl. taxes)

Parica US$ per m3
4mm WBP 481▲
10mm WBP 381▲
15mm WBP 332▲
4mm MR 432▲
10mm MR 320▲
15mm MR 298▲
Domestic taxes include taxes and may be subject to discounts

Prices For Other Panel Products

Domestic ex-mill Prices US$ per m3
15mm MDParticleboard 209▲
15mm MDF 292▲

Export Prices For Added Value Products

FOB Belem/Paranagua Ports US$ per m3
Decking Boards  


Price source: ITTO

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