Chinese import prices – a snapshot in July

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In July several Fordaq members allowed us to take a glance at the current price levels and spans of popular wood assortments that find their way to China via importers. As volatile as all of these trends are, they should, of course, only give a hint and are not to be taken compulsory.


Ash logs in AB grade with a diameter of 40 cm and u prange around 220 €/m3 CIF Cat Lai. Ash lumber, square edged, in AB grade with a thickness of 50 mm that measures 2.2 m and more goes by about 600 €/m3 CIF, while Hornbeam lumber, square edged, with a thickness of 50 mm and also in AB grade is imported for 410 €/m3 CIF.

European oak veneer of a B grade(which means no stain, no knots or other defects, very limited sapwood) in a width of 14 cm and more as well as a lenght of 100 cm and up achieves prices around 0.50 €/m2 CIF.

And the current beech log import prices vary from 150 to 170 €/m3.


The CFR China main port price of German spruce logs is reported around 160 €/m3 with a minimum quote of 145 €/m3. Also there are very few transactions of large suppliers of spruce sawn timber SF grade CFR China main port that are offered for about 430 US-$/m3.

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