Estonia: Roundwood prices on the rise at year-end

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With few exceptions, nearly all roundwood assortments in Estonia have become more expensive in December 2014.

Spruce logs were traded at EUR 65.41/m³ (less than -2% over October 2013, and almost 2% over December 2013). Despite the declining trend recorded throughout the year, at year-end birch logs price managed to stay above the level of December 2013 by around EUR 1/m³. Pine sawlogs registered the highest price growth: +1,42% over November 2014 and +5,34% as compared to December 2013.

The price for small diameter logs (d<18), spruce and pine, has increased by about +2% and +1% respectively as compared to November. 

Industrial logs have recorded some mixed price movements: pine and birch price gained some price increase, with spruce becoming slightly cheaper compared to the previous month.

Sawlog and Pulpwood price evolution in Estonian State-Owned Forests (December 2013-December 2014). Free Alongside Forest Road EUR / cbm without VAT. (Check price for each assortment and each month)

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