Roundwood price trending downwards in Estonia

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All roundwood assortments have become cheaper in Estonia at the beginning of 2015. On average, sawlog prices have declined by -3.3% compared to the previous month, while pulpwood prices by -6.3%.

In January 2015, spruce logs were traded at EUR 64.44/m³ (more than -4% both compared to December 2014 as well as to January of last year). Birch sawlogs price managed to stay stable over the previous month and is still almost EUR 1/m³ more expensive over January 2014.

Pine sawlogs price dropped by EUR 2,11/m³ against December and is half euro cheaper compared to January last year.

The price for spruce small diameter logs (d<18) has declined the most:  by about EUR 3,71/m³ compared to December and EUR 4,18/m³ against January 2014.

Sawlog and Pulpwood price evolution in Estonian State-Owned Forests (December 2013-January 2015). Free Alongside Forest Road EUR / cbm without VAT. (Check price for each assortment and each month)

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