Guyana: Sawnwood exports higher, prices up

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Sawnwood exports were active and attractive prices were earned on the export market. Undressed greenheart (Prime quality) commanded a price as high a s US$1,338 per cubic metre FOB and was shipped to buyers in the Middle East and Oceania.

Undressed greenheart (Select quality) was sold at a significantly higher price than recently earning as much as US$1,314 per cubic metre FOB in Caribbean, European and North American markets.

Undressed purpleheart sawnwood prices remained stable at US$1,200 per cubic FOB while, in contrast, Undressed Mora Select category earned a favourable price as high as US$679 per cubic metre FOB in Caribbean markets.

Despite the overall positive price movements Dressed greenheart prices in Caribbean markets declined marginally from US$1,158 to US$1,039 per cubic metre FOB. Dressed purpleheart sawnwood FOB prices held firm at US$1,158 per cubic metre FOB.

Guyana made plywood was traded at a fair price earning as much as US$537 per cubic metre FOB in the North American market. Splitwood (shingles) attracted a significant FOB price earning as much as US$1,341 per cubic metre in Caribbean and North American markets.

Select quality greenheart piles continue to earn attract favourable market prices ranging from US$350 to US$1,043 per cubic metre FOB. Sound category greenheart piles were traded at prices ranging from US$298 to US$438 per cubic metre FOB in North American and European markets.

Wamara logs proving popular

There were no exports of greenheart logs in the period reviewed however, purpleheart Standard Sawmill quality logs attracted a favourable top end FOB price of US$325 per cubic metre. Fair Sawmill quality purpleheart log FOB prices remained at US$170 per cubic metre while Small Sawmill quality logs were traded at US$150 per cubic metre FOB.

Mora log prices were unchanged, except for Standard Sawmill Quality logs which earned US$120 per cubic metre FOB.

Wamara (Swartzia leiocalycina) logs are becoming more pop ular and prices have moved up for all categories. Standard Sawmill quality wamara logs were traded at US$210 to US$215 per cubic metre FOB, Fair Sawmill quality logs attracted a price of US$125 to US$210 per cubic metre FOB while Small Sawmill quality log FOB prices moved up to US$120 to US$200 per cubic metre.

Export Log Prices

Logs, FOB Georgetown
 SQ - US$ Avg unit per m3
Std Fair Small
- - -
200-325 170 150
- - -
*Small SQ is used for piling in the USA and EU. Price depends on length. In the case of no price indication, there is no reported export during the period under review.
Export Sawnwood Prices
Logs, FOB Georgetown  $ Avg unit per m3
EU and US markets Undressed Dressed
Greenheart Prime 954-1,338 -
Standard - 650-1,039
Select 575-1,314               -
Sound -               -
Merchantable -  
Purpleheart Prime - -
Standard - 700-1,158
Select 950-1,200  
Sound -  
Merchantable  -  
Mora Prime -  
Select 594-679  
Sound 350-509  
Merchantable -  

In the case of no price indication, there is no reported export during the period under review.

Export Plywood Prices

Plywood, FOB Georgetown Port $ Avg unit val. per m3
Baromalli BB/CC 5.5mm No export
    12mm 537
  Utility 5.5mm No export
    12mm No export
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