Guyana: Less used species receive more promotion

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It is estimated that Guyana's forestry and wood processing sectors contribute between US$40 million and US$60 million to export earnings annually representing between 3 and 4% of GDP.

Annual average timber and timber products production is estimated at 420,000 cubic metres, with plywood and furniture manufacturing being two key value added products.

The forests of Guyana contain a rich variety of timber species and government agencies have been promoting several lesser used species (LUS) in the domestic and international markets with some success.

Recently LUS marketing campaigns have targeted the domestic market. One such campaign saw furniture made from LUS and put on trial in cooperation with the National Parks Commission.

This trial will put to test the durability and usefulness of the LUS species being promoted to determine if they are suited for furniture making.

The Guyana Forestry Commission is convinced that the LUS are viable substitute for better-known species in terms of performance and aesthetics. Additionally, many LUS exhibit rich and exotic colours and textures providing the opportunity for unique furniture and interior decoration designs

Export Log Prices

Logs, FOB Georgetown
 SQ - US$ Avg unit per m3
Std Fair Small
- - -
- - -
- - -
*Small SQ is used for piling in the USA and EU. Price depends on length. In the case of no price indication, there is no reported export during the period under review.
Export Sawnwood Prices
Logs, FOB Georgetown  $ Avg unit per m3
EU and US markets Undressed Dressed
Greenheart Prime 1820 -
Standard - 1102-1484
Select 590-890               -
Sound -               -
Merchantable -  
Purpleheart Prime - -
Standard - 1060
Select 1060  
Sound -  
Merchantable  650  
Mora Prime -  
Select 595  
Sound 450  
Merchantable -  

In the case of no price indication, there is no reported export during the period under review.

Export Plywood Prices

Plywood, FOB Georgetown Port $ Avg unit val. per m3
Baromalli BB/CC 5.5mm No export
    12mm 460-584
  Utility 5.5mm No export
    12mm No export
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