India: Prices for Pine from New Zealand as high as from Europe

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In June India is confronted with softwood prices that are now even higher than in December 2020 – where they have been 25-30% above the norm. Now allmost 350 €/m3 for pine have gotten standard and prices from New Zealand are as high as from Europe. Plywood prices are not decreasing despite of low demand because of an increase in price of glue.

Within the chaotic market situation India faces challenges in being a nation of import but also not buying for the highest price. At the moment that leads to a low ranking on the priority list for deliveries, because countries like China get preferential treatment in terms of supply. With that come unsure shipping and delivery dates.

An upcoming problem in India is the closing of Formaldehyde factories for pollution reasons. The base for important adhesives for the wooden industry therefor might aswell have to be imported in the future.

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