Sawlog prices rise in Lithuania

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At the beginning of 2015, Lithuanian roundwood has recorded some mixed price movements. Sawlog prices have trended upwards, after a drop in December. Conversely, pulpwood prices for all assortments have declined compared to the previous month.

Year-on-year, in January there are some discordant price trends. The price of birch sawlogs has increased by +12.03% to EUR 73/m3; alder is more expensive by +9.24% to EUR 56/m3. Pine sawlogs are cheaper by -2.41% to EUR 65/m3, spruce by -5.71% to EUR 68/m3, while small-size softwood price dropped by -13.60% to EUR 45/m3. (See infographic below to check prices!)

For industrial logs, there is a downward trend which began at the beginning of 2014 and continued constantly, with few minor changes, through January this year. Against the same month of last year, in January the price of spruce pulpwood has virtually collapsed to EUR 24/m3 (-27.31%). Pine pulpwood is cheaper by -21.53% down to EUR 25/m3 with birch pulpwood declining by -9.48% to EUR 27/m3.

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