Falling roundwood prices in Lithuania

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The declining trend in Lithuanian roundwood prices which started in January continued in July. Except a stable birch and a rising alder, prices for all sawlogs declined as compared to the previous month. Moreover, prices for almost all assortments are well below the levels of last year. The price of pine logs is EUR 4/m3 lower than in June, while spruce logs are cheaper by EUR 1. Pulpwood species have followed this trend and their price dropped by EUR 1-2/m3. 

On a yearly basis, in July almost all roundwood prices in Lithuania are lower, apart from birch and alder sawlogs, which are more expensive by +11% and +10% respectively.

Pine and spruce logs are cheaper by -12% and -10%, while small-sized softwood by -31%. Pulpwood assortments are as well on a sharp declining trend compared to last year. If their prices have fallen only slightly as compared to the previous month, a more pronounced price decline can be noticed against July 2014: the drop varies by between -23% for birch pulpwood to -34% for pine pulpwood.  

Roadside prices of roundwood in state forests of Lithuania EUR/m³ under bark

July 2014 June 2015 July 2015 Change
  to July/2015
66 62 58 -12%
69 63 62 -10%
66 73 73 +11%
Alder 52 55 57 +10%
Small-sized softwood 60 44 41 -31%
Pine 32 23 21 -34%
Spruce 30 22 21 -30%
30 24 23 -23%

The above prices are collected from metla.fi. 

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