Logs more expensive in Norway

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Roundwood prices in Norway have slightly increased in August both as compared to July as well as compared to August 2013. Taking into account the currency balance (NOK-EUR), the increase is even higher: when converted from Norwegian crown to Euro, the average roundwood price increase in August is of 31%, as compared to July. Compared to August 2013, the rise is of 21 percent.

In August, pine sawlogs prices gained almost 3 euros over July, and spruce sawlogs price rose by than 3 euros. Pulpwood prices recorded minor changes: a 0,66 euros increase for pine and 0,47 euros for spruce pulpwood.

When compared to the same month of 2013, in August 2014 pine and spruce sawlogs are more expensive by about 16 percent. At the same time, pulpwood assortments are more or less at the same level of 2013.


Prices are converted from NOK to EUR at ECB rates for each specific month. Price source: metla.fi

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