Estonia: Roundwood prices stable in September

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Prices for almost all roundwood assortments in Estonia are stable in September 2014 both as compared to August, as well as compared to September 2013. However, there are some exceptions: birch veneer gained a price increase of €3,50/cbm over the previous month, and birch logs are more expensive by 0,50. Prices for the other sawlog species haven't registered any price movements. Industrial roundwood is more expensive on average by half euro.

As compared to September, Estonian prices for roundwood recorded some discrepancies. Prices for sawlogs are stable (with minor increases or decreases). On contrast, pine and spruce pulpwood price surged by 5,34/cbm, and birch by 1,22/cbm

Sawlog and Pulpwood price evolution in Estonian State-Owned Forests (February 2013-September 2014). Free Alongside Forest Road EUR / cbm without VAT. (Check price for each assortment and each month)

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