• Корона Вирус
  • марта 01, 2021 13:34

Metsä Group reports 4Q and FY 2020 results

Metsä Group’s sales in the 4Q 2020 totalled Euro 1,357.2 million, whereas sales of the corresponding period in the previous year were Euro 1,290.3 million. The comparable operating result was Euro 94 million...... [больше...]

  • Корона Вирус
  • марта 01, 2021 12:16

Malaysia: 2020 timber industry performance

The Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) has reported last year’s performance of the timber sector. Exports were RM 22.02 bil (RM 22.50 bil in 2019) while total imports were RM 6.81 bil (RM 5.95 bil in 2019)...... [больше...]

  • Лесоводство
  • марта 01, 2021 11:26

EU and Honduras agree deal to combat illegal logging, promote trade in legal timber

Honduras and the European Union (EU) have reached an agreement on forest law enforcement, governance and trade in timber products. The agreement will ensure that all Honduran timber and timber products imported in the EU are legally sourced and licensed...... [больше...]

  • Лесоводство
  • марта 01, 2021 10:22

Good 2021 start for Brazilian wood product exports

In January 2021 Brazilian exports of wood-based products (except pulp and paper) increased 22.8% in value compared to January 2020, from US$206.6 million to US$253.6 million...... [больше...]

  • Лесоводство
  • февраля 26, 2021 15:44

Greif sells 69,200 acres of timberlands to Weyerhaeuser

Greif, Inc. announces an agreement to sell 69,200 acres of timberlands in southwest Alabama to Weyerhaeuser Company for approximately $149 million in cash. Proceeds from the transaction will be applied to debt repayment...... [больше...]

  • Лесоводство
  • февраля 26, 2021 14:31

Implementation of Vietnam Timber Legality Assurance System (VNTLAS)

Following the Decree on VNTLAS, The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) issued Decision No. 4832/QD-BNN-TCLN dated November 27, 2020 announcing the List of timber species which have been imported into Vietnam...... [больше...]

  • Лесоводство
  • февраля 26, 2021 13:38

Canfor reports 4Q/2020 results

For the 4Q 2020, Canfor Corporation reported operating income of $419.6 million, $120 million higher than operating income of $299.6 million in the 3Q 2020. Reported results for the 4Q 2020 include a net duty recovery of $95.5 million...... [больше...]

  • Лесоводство
  • февраля 25, 2021 13:30

Holmen's net sales down 3.7% in 2020

Holmen's FY 2020 net sales decreased to SEK 16,327 million ($1.9 billion), compared to SEK 16,959 million ($2 billion) in 2019...... [больше...]

  • Лесоводство
  • февраля 24, 2021 15:43

UFP Industries subsidiary acquires South Carolina wood treating company

Wood products manufacturer UFP Industries Inc. announced on Monday that one of its wholly owned subsidiaries has signed an agreement to purchase the assets of a South Carolina-based wood treating operation...... [больше...]

  • Ринкові Ціни
  • февраля 24, 2021 09:45

Södra Wood Ltd announces a two-year contract with Denholm Port Services

Södra Wood Ltd’s new two-year contract with Denholm Port Services is part of Södra taking steps to streamline its imports and mitigate any potential issues or customs delays in light of increased paperwork and more complex requirements following the UK’s departure from the EU...... [больше...]

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