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  • октября 26, 2021 11:48

Ikea growing despite pandemic

Ingka Group announced strong Ikea retail sales of EUR 37.4 billion for the financial year 2021 (ended August 31), an increase of 6.3% compared to last year (EUR 35.2 billion in FY20)...... [больше...]

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  • октября 25, 2021 11:55

Furniture orders are coming back to China from Vietnam

It has been reported that Vietnam's lockdown, which was due to end on 15 September 2021, has been extended until the end of September 2021 ..... [больше...]

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  • октября 20, 2021 11:34

EU27 wood furniture imports from tropical countries hit by freight problems

In 2020, the EU27 imported €4.5 billion of wooden furniture from outside the bloc, only 0.3% less than the previous year. Imports of €1.1 billion from the tropics were down 4% at €1.1 billion, while imports from China fell 2% to €2.0 billion...... [больше...]

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  • октября 18, 2021 12:46

The furniture industry finally met up once again at SICAM

Held in Pordenone from 12th to 15th October, the twelfth edition of SICAM enjoyed a success that outstripped the most optimistic forecasts...... [больше...]

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  • октября 18, 2021 11:47

USTR agreement to resolve timber investigation on Vietnam

Through a press release quoted below the United States Trade Representative, Katherine Tai, announced an agreement with Vietnam that addresses U.S. concerns in the Vietnam Timber Section 301 investigation. This is the first 301 investigation to address environmental concerns...... [больше...]

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  • октября 18, 2021 11:13

European wood furniture production down 5% last year

The latest Eurostat PRODCOM data reveals that the total value of wood furniture production in the EU27 declined 5% to €32.4 billion in 2020. This performance for the year is significantly better than initially anticipated at the start of the pandemic...... [больше...]

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  • октября 11, 2021 10:09

Vietnam wood processors shut down temporarily

Although Vietnam’s wood and wood exports grew by more than 62% (year-on-year) in the period January–June 2021, they have been curtailed since then by a fourth wave of the COVID-19 virus, which has disrupted supply chains...... [больше...]

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  • октября 07, 2021 12:49

DREMA 2021 comes with latest trends in the furniture and wood industries

The DREMA International Trade Fair of Machines, Tools and Components for the Wood and Furniture Industries, the largest and most important meeting of the wood and furniture industries in Central and Eastern Europe, has come to an end. It was the second edition of the event organised in the shadow of the pandemic that shaped the new economic and social reality...... [больше...]

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  • октября 06, 2021 13:07

Container shortage threaten India’s exports

A report by Lakshmi Ajay in Indian Transport & Logistics News discusses the acute global container shortage, which is having a profound impact on trade. ...... [больше...]

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  • октября 01, 2021 13:11

Imports of tropical wood rebound in the UK but lose share in a rising market

The UK imported tropical wood and wood furniture products with a total value of USD760 million in the first seven months of 2021, a 36% increase compared to the same period in 2020...... [больше...]

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