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Further rise in North American lumber prices

As April ended and the usual construction season starts to come on in Canada and the U.S., demand for softwood lumber remains very hot. While customers are reluctant to pay these way-beyond record-breaking prices...... [больше...]

Sonae Indústria's turnover fell 12.2% in 2020

Sonae Indústria's consolidated turnover reached Euro 201.8 million in 2020, a reduction of 12.2% vs. last year, driven essentially by its North American business with lower sales volumes...... [больше...]

US and Canada see surge in housing starts

US Housing starts surged 19.4% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.739 million units in March, the highest level since June 2006...... [больше...]

Austria's logging in 2020 is 11% below the previous year

Austria's Ministry of Agriculture recently published the 2020 logging report. In the past year, 16.79 million m³ without bark ...... [больше...]


Germany: Beech log price index shows an upward trend

The German producer price indices for beech showed a slight upward trend in February 2021. After a sharp drop in January, the index value climbed by 2.1% to 101.7 points on average. B quality made up 1.9% compared to the previous month - score: 104.2 points. The index for 3 m lengths rose by 6.3% to... [больше...]

Canada's lumber production down in February

Canada's lumber production decreased 2.9% from January to 4 659.9 thousand cubic metres in February...... [больше...]

Global wood chip trade increased by 50% in 2009-2020

Global trade of wood chips, which are mainly used by pulpmills, grew from about 21 million tons in 2009 to an all-time high of 35 million tons in 2018. Subsequently, trade declined for two consecutive years to reach just over 30 million tons in 2020...... [больше...]

EU27 tropical sawnwood imports at record low in 2020

In quantity terms, EU27 imports of tropical sawnwood declined 18% to 783,500 cu.m in 2020, the lowest level ever recorded for this group of countries (well below the previous low of 836,000 cu.m in 2017)...... [больше...]

Rise China plywood production capacity

There were more than 15,200 plywood manufacturers with a total annual production capacity of 256 million cubic metres in China at the end of 2020 distributed in 26 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions)...... [больше...]

The German wood price index for packaging increased in double digits in April

The price index for sawn timber and wood-based materials for wooden packaging materials and pallets in Germany, which is now published monthly due to the strong market dynamics, increased again in double digits in April...... [больше...]

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France: Oak prices on the rise again

France: Oak prices on the rise again

After a lull in 2020 - mainly due to the effects of coronavirus pandemic - the prices of oak logs in France are now clearly on the rise. At the recent National Forests Office (ONF) auctions, prices climbed an average of 15% year-on-year ...... [ больше...]

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Where is the industrial timber market heading in France?

Where is the industrial timber market heading in France?

It's not easy to find your way in the French pulp and panel industries. Between a strong trend characterized by fewer processing factories in France - inducing fewer demands -, the influx of bark beetles, the technical reconstitution of stocks and a dynamic activity in packaging, the analysis of the economic situation requires a lot of caution...... [ больше...]

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Russia's proposed log export ban in 2022 will have a far-reaching impact on global forest product markets

Russia exported 15 million m3 of logs in 2020, which accounted for almost 12% of globally traded roundwood. Much of this trade may come to a halt next year when a new law proposed by Russia's president will ban...... [ больше...]

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