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  • октября 26, 2021 12:52

Finland increased roundwood trade by 21%

According to the Finnish Institute for Natural Resources (Luke), in September 2021, standing spruce logs in Finland cost an average of € 65.4 per m³, which is 1% less than in August...... [больше...]

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  • октября 25, 2021 10:41

Central/West Africa: Slowdown in orders for okoume

No major price movements have been reported. Producers say overall demand is stable but still production is being disrupted by the continual rain...... [больше...]

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  • октября 21, 2021 10:55

Swedish roundwood prices on the rise in 3Q 2021

Delivery purchase prices on Swedish roundwood increased during the 3Q 2021 after having been unchanged during the 2Q 2021...... [больше...]

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  • октября 20, 2021 15:45

Germany: Price of pellets up 4.8% in October

Seasonally driven, the price of pellets rose in Germany in October...... [больше...]

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  • октября 19, 2021 13:35

Annual pace of housing starts in Canada slowed in September

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. says the annual pace of housing starts in September fell compared with August...... [больше...]

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  • октября 14, 2021 11:33

Strong demand continues to push North American lumber prices up

Similar to this time last year, when lumber prices started rising to reach what was then the all-time historical high, solid wood construction materials prices have been ticking up in the past few weeks. ..... [больше...]

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  • октября 08, 2021 09:30

Softwood pulpwood saw higher price increases worldwide than hardwood pulpwood

Softwood fiber costs were generally higher worldwide in the 2Q/21 than in the previous quarter despite an increase in the supply of residuals from sawmills in Europe and North America...... [больше...]

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  • октября 07, 2021 09:40

N. American softwood lumber prices rise further

As the end of September approached, the demand and sales of construction framing dimension softwood lumber commodities improved significantly, enough for prices to rise somewhat...... [больше...]

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  • октября 06, 2021 10:27

Finnish forest industry exports up 14% in January-July 2021

In January-July the exports value of forest industry products totalled in real terms EUR 7.53 billion and increased from same period previous year by 14% (deflated using wholesale price index)....... [больше...]

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  • октября 05, 2021 11:32

U.S. lumber prices on the rise again

Lumber futures have hit $628 per thousand board feet (mbf), the Wall Street Journal has reported. Prices are now up nearly 40% since late August and are almost as high as their pre-pandemic levels...... [больше...]

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