Austrian pellet prices stable in August

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In August, the end consumer prices for wood pellets in Austria remained stable. The average price for loose pellets of quality ENplus A1 (order quantity 6t) was 22.47 cents / kg. That is 1% more than in July, but -0.6% less than in August 2020. The pellet price index PPI 06 stood at 126.37 points.

As usual, pellets were the most expensive in western Austria with 23.10 cents / kg, followed by the south with 22.45 cents / kg and the north of Austria with 22.28 cents / kg.

The price for bagged goods also remained stable compared to August. A 15 kg sack cost an average of 3.94 euros. That corresponds to 26.25 cents / kg. 

The price increase for commercially used pellets in larger quantities was even lower. Their average price was 194.3 EUR / t. That is 0.9% more than in July, but 0.9% less than in August 2020.

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