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  • Ринкові Ціни
  • июля 13, 2020 14:37

Switzerland: Pellet prices fall significantly in July

Pellet prices in Switzerland fell again in the current month. Thus, the positive trend in June (+ 0.9% to CHF 347.2 / t) didn't continue in July. As compared to July 2019 ...... [больше...]

  • Лесоводство
  • июня 29, 2020 15:24

Pinnacle’s Williams Lake pellet facility can now use wetter raw material

The Canadian pellet producer Pinnacle Renewable Energy has started operations at Williams Lake facility after months of capital upgrades. One of the main ones was equipment that can process wetter fibre. Instead of primarily relying on the shavings and sawdust of sawmills, the... [больше...]

  • Корона Вирус
  • июня 25, 2020 16:11

Germany: Pellet market going well despite coronavirus crisis

With the participation of more than 50 member companies, the general meeting of the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV) took place on June 19, 2020 for the first time as a video conference...... [больше...]

  • Деревина для Отоплення
  • июня 24, 2020 14:06

Enviva acquires two new pellet plants

Enviva Partners LP announced on June 18 it has agreed to purchase a wood pellet plant located in Waycross, Georgia, associated export terminal capacity in Savannah, Georgia, and a wood pellet plant located in Greenwood, South Carolina....... [больше...]

  • Лесоводство
  • июня 22, 2020 13:03

In Europe, the forest-based sector saves 20% of the total EU emissions

In Europe, the forest-based sector saves 806 million t / a CO2 and thus 20% of the total EU emissions...... [больше...]

  • Лесоводство
  • июня 16, 2020 14:18

Updated list of forestry events postponed or cancelled in North America due to coronavirus

As countries, provinces and states across the United States and Canada announced strict measures to contain the spread of coronavirus a growing number of forestry events have been cancelled, postponed or will be held remotely...... [больше...]

  • Ринкові Ціни
  • июня 15, 2020 13:42

Swiss pellet prices trend higher in June

Pellet prices in Switzerland rose again in the current month for the first time since February 2020...... [больше...]

  • Лесоводство
  • июня 08, 2020 11:48

Austria: Purchase obligation controversial

The recently presented draft for the amendment of the Austrian Forestry Act is sharply criticized by the timber industry. WKÖ general secretary Karlheinz Kopf (ÖVP) describes the obligation by the timber industry to buy damaged wood in the event of an extreme volume to be "far from the... [больше...]

  • Ринкові Ціни
  • июня 04, 2020 13:55

Austria: Price of wood pellets decreasing in April

The price survey done by proPellets Austria resulted in an average price of 22.60 €-Cent per kg of wood pellets or 4.61 Cent per kWh...... [больше...]

  • Деревина для Отоплення
  • мая 26, 2020 13:33

Record wood pellet production in Spain

Wood pellet production in Spain has increased by 20% in the last year, reaching a record volume of 714,000 tons in 2019...... [больше...]

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