Обрезные Пиломатериалы, Бук

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Вид Обрезные Пиломатериалы
Группа пород древесины Европейские лиственные
Породы Бук


Объем 1500 m3 ежемесячно
Толщина 25;32;38;43;50 mm
Ширина 10+ cm
Длина 0.30-2.5+ m
Система классификации Румынские стандарты классификации
Сорт A
Сушение Сушенная у сушительных камерах
Описание Beech wood timber KD 10-12%, quality grade A and grade B
Grade A - 4 CLEAR FACES(CF) + allows about 10 % in 3 CF in the same pallet.
- Usually 4 faces free of defects –min. 90% and 3 sides clear- max. 10%
It is the highest grade that we produce. The pieces from this class have an uniform appearance, free of knots or red heart, the beauty of the beech wood being fully revealed.

3FC grade - The traces of healthy red heart or accidentally one single non-penetrating knot but just on one side of the piece (face or edge) does not substantially affect nor the uniformity and the beauty of the wood either the uses to be granted to this material. To be mentioned that these knots are not appearing on more than 10% from the whole pieces to a shipment.
Not allowed to quality 'Grade A(4FC)' are defects as following: mold, insect holes and other defects coming from processing or storag.
Grade A/B - With red heart, healty knots-max.10%. ( 3CF, 2CF, 1CF)
Admits the healthy red heart. The pieces haven't got red heart on more than 30% - 40% of width. Healthy red heart doesn't affect the durability, stability, or the processing qualities of the wood. All allowed knots are non penetrating.

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Продает в: Саудовская Аравия, Соединенные Арабские Емираты, Europa, Япония, Китай


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