Посадка , Румыния

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Вид Посадка
Страна Румыния


Описание Provides unbeatable offers plants of paulownia trees
Paulownia Quattro - NEW “Superhybrid” -33° C !!!

In vitro plants research & cultivation

Small plants of great success!

The vitro-seedlings are available - Paulownia Quattro

The in vitro seedlings coming from our laboratory constitute a healthy starting material for new cultivations.

For the deliveries out of the EU, a plant health certificate must accompany the shipment

Tissue culture is a way to obtain perfect, sterile clones of a plant thanks to in vitro conditions, from a very small piece of a mother plant.

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Продает в: Африка, Азия, Europa, Северная Америка, Южная Америка, Океания


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