Северный Белый Кедр

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Группа пород древесины Североамериканские хвойные
Породы Северный Белый Кедр
Происхождение Канада


Объем 1 - 4 40'Контейнер ежемесячно
Толщина 4 in
Ширина 4 in
Длина 96 in
Система классификации Классификация за американским аспектом
Сорт knotty grade #1 and #2
Обработка Необроботанно
Сушение Сушенная на воздухе (AD)
Описание Square posts / Crafted pieces in North / East White Cedar (Western Thuja).
Naturally rot-proof, white cedar does not require treatment because it offers natural resistance to rot and insects.
Tests carried out in Europe demonstrate a class 1 in terms of durability and resistance to rot. Ideal for making fences and trellises, outdoor furniture or structures for the garden and terrace.
We offer squared parts in raw or planed form.
The dimensions (in inches) 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6 are available in length 8 feet or 10 feet.
Natural drying (Air Dry) or artificial drying (Kiln Dry) are available.
Natural cedar will become a silvery gray over time and will require no maintenance for many years.
You can also dye the wood easily according to your preferences.
Ideal for fences and trellises, children's games and outdoor furniture, beams, retaining walls, landscaping projects and more.
Each square piece includes the heart of the tree, more conducive to the slits but also more durable.

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Крайний срок поставки Доступное под заказ за менее чем 30 дней
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