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Происхождение породы Украина
Вид древесины Европейские лиственные
Породы Дуб


Объем 1 - 4 Штук ежегодно
Описание Luxury energy-saving «ECO-friendly zero-energy houses by Swiss Trade»™ are passive houses for active life!
The turn-key ready house, built of prefabricated structural components in accordance with agreed projects, doesn’t shrink and crack. It is ready for healthy and comfortable living directly after substantial completion.

High energy efficiency ratio promotes the use of self-sufficient high-performance energy-saving utilities.

«ECO-friendly zero-energy houses by Swiss Trade»™ of different styles can be built in any climatic zones and in seismically active zones in the shortest time without the use of heavy construction equipment.

«ECO-friendly zero-energy houses by Swiss Trade»™ with automated system «Smart House» is an innovative luxury of the new generation for healthy and long life.

The house value depends on location and complexity of landscape, architectural, construction and design projects and availability of utilities.

The cost and time of project development, house construction cost and period are defined in contracts.

Цена и условия

Стоимость 3200 EUR
Инкотермы DDP - доставлено, таможенные пошлины оплаченны
Продает в: По всему миру


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