Колья, Акация

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Изделие Колья
Группа пород древесины Европейские лиственные
Породы Акация
Происхождение Венгрия
Регион Gyomaendrőd


Система классификации Европейская норма
Сорт a/b/c
Объем 25 - 25 m3 ежемесячно
Диаметр 9-12; 38-50 cm
Длина 60-200 cm
Описание Made of cylindrical raw material, produced by two or more lengthwise sawing, available in the following forms: quarter, sixth and eighth with the cross-section of circular sector, wooden spherical shape and irregular polygonal shape.
Possible purposes sawn traditional stakes and poles:

vine and fruit support
olive support
electric fence stake

Stakes available:

on individual requests of customers
peeled or non-peeled
delivered in unit stack
The cross section depends on the needs of the customer.
You can find more information on our website.

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