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Тип древесины Древесина массив
Вид древесины Европейская хвойная древесина
Порода/Материал Сосна обыкновенная
Основные характеристики Impregnated decking
Вид -


Объем 2 40'Контейнер ежемесячно
Ширина 100; 200; 145 mm
Длина - mm
Толщина 20; 22; 28 mm
Сорт Class 4 Impregnation
Описание National or Nordic pine deck, treated in class 4 of impregnation.
In this type of modified wood, the impregnation with furfural alcohol (in double vacuum chamber, in cylindrical autoclave/ boiler, under
pressure) is a method which allows reducing balance humidity and increase the dimensional stability of wood, based on the introduction of chemical compounds which reduce the hygroscope of wood. Normally is a cheaper process than the other kinds of treatment, with expected 15 years durability.
Available in standard measures: 20mm thick for 100 or 120mm width

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Стоимость Под заказ EUR за ft3
Продает в: По всему миру


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