Мебли Для Торговых Центров, Современный

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Вид Мебли для Торговых Центров
Стиль Современный
Тип основных материалов Европейские лиственные
Основные материалы Ясень черный, Бук, Дуб


Объем 10+ штук ежемесячно Конвертировать
With inside our company group we supply a wide range of shop fitting products and a reputation for quality shop fittings, displays and modular retail shelving we are committed to provide exceptional service and quality products at a great value for shop exhibitions, shop fitters and retailers alike.

We design and build commercial interiors – our project managers provide support and the design team using the latest CAD technology for producing slat wall accessories, counters, display cubes, retail display cases, freestanding slat wall, modular shelving etc.

CNC And Carpeting Works
Our state of the art manufacturing plant allows us to produce components with microscopic tolerances. We can output CAD drawings directly to our beam saw, drilling machine and CNC routers, meaning that your components are exactly like the production drawings every time. We have years of experience in producing different parts and components, and we can offer that expertise in ensuring that your CNC components are produced to the highest quality.

We are able to work with almost any panel product including MDF, chipboard, melamine faced board, laminates, acrylics, and solid grade laminate, and also have the facilities to paint and lacquer your subcontract components if required. Whether it is a small sample or prototype, a large production run, or overflow manufacturing capacity that you need – we can help.

We produce custom made furniture products and panels in a variety of predominantly wood-based materials using both CNC routing technology and traditional CNC machining services in Stoke on Trent for components in MDF, chipboard, melamine faced board, acrylics, CNC routers.

Funiture Components
We machine components from a range of raw materials.
Timbers such as ash, oak, beech. Sheet materials especially MDF and plywood.
Quite often we help the smaller cottage industries to transform their small-scale items and increase them to a more sizeable batch.
Working in this industry can be extremely rewarding as we are often able to help to convert a designer’s ideas into a viable piece of furniture.
We manufacture many birch plywood structural panels.

Solid Timber

We still maintain traditional woodworking expertise alongside the modern methods and materials. We produce tailor made components in solid timber and soft woods for a varied client base.

Plastic and Aluminium
CNC routers are often only considered for machining wood- based sheet materials.
However, they are sometimes the ideal piece of equipment to make items from light alloys such as aluminium. Many grades of engineering plastics can be economically CNC routed including polyethylene, Polypropylene, Nylon, Acrylic, High Impact Polystyrene, Composite materials like Corian, Polycarbonate.

The essential service for architects, designers, and interior designers we offer an enormous variety of custom-made decorative, relief and fretted panels from a huge range of designs. Giving you freedom of expression and your clients exclusivity. Shop furniture group have many different MDF slatwall panels produced in high density MDF board produced from Company Egger. We can also spray paint slatwalls in over 2000 different colors. We sell world wide range of custom made Slatwalls and slatwalls displays and slatwall gondolas in addition to our standard 15 models we have in stock.

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