Xlam (Скрещенные Ламинированные Древесные Панели), Ель Обыкновенная

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Вид изделия Xlam (Скрещенные Ламинированные Древесные Панели)
Группа пород древесины Европейская хвойная древесина
Породы Ель обыкновенная


Объем 2 40'Контейнер ежемесячно
Толщина брусьев 60-300 mm
Ширина бруса 3.5 m
Длина бруса 15 m
Описание It is a great and versatile building material, that can
perfectly be used for external and internel walls,
intermediate ceilings and as roof panels in conjuction with ohter building materials. Number of CLT
layers is always odd – 3; 5 or 7 layers. Layers provide
a so-called locking effect, which ensures very good
stability of the panel measurements, stability during
humidity changes and significantly reduces negative
effects of wood drying. CLT has no architectural constraints, because of that more and more CLT is being
used for building private houses, apartment buildings, as well as industrial and commercial buildings.
Large-sized elements accelerate the construction
process greatly.

- Is suitable as a wall, intermediate ceiling and roof
ceiling element
- Large-size tiles are available
- Very good fire resistance properties
- Building material with a positive CO2

- Private dwellings and apartment buildings
- Public buildings
- Hotels and restaurants
- Schools and kindergartens
- Offices and administrative buildings
- Industrial and commercial buildings
- Renovated buildings
- Bridges

Max measurements 3,5 x 15 m
Thickness of panels 60–300 mm
Number of layers 3; 5 or 7
Thickness of layers 20; 30 or 40 mm
- Possible milled groove on the panel surface for communications,
possible cuts for all door and window openings
- Not recommended in the 3. working class conditions
- Since the panels are mostly used as construction elements, they are
produced with an industrial (NSI) quality
- As a special order it is possible to order a combined panel, where one
side is industrial (NSI) and the other side is visible (SI) quality
- Strenght class of the panels from strenghtassorted material C24
according to EN 15497
- Base of manufacturing EN 14080; EN 16351
- Combustion rate is 0,65 mm/min if joints between lamels are up to 2 mm
and 0,8 mm/min when the joints are 2–4 mm

- Great architectural design options
- Environmentally friendly building material
- Provides a healthy and cosy indoor environment
- Positive CO2
- Short construction period
- 16 times lighter than steel and 5 times lighter than concrete
- High fire resistance
- Up to 10% more living space when using CLT

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