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Вид wall shelf
Название изделия DEREN WALL SHELF
Происхождение Турция
Регион çanakkale
Стиль Кит - Сам собирай
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DEREN Wall Shelf has been designed so that you can decorate your wall in the most beautiful way while packing up your belongings with its functional structure as well as its minimal design. Wall shelves are furniture that we may need in the living room, living room, entrance, bedroom and all the walls of your home. Apart from its functional aspect, when we want to decorate our walls with different objects, wall shelves come to our aid. Trinkets, vases, flowers, books, small decorative objects etc. We always need to allocate space on our walls for wall shelves that allow us to create pleasant decorations with many materials. You can choose the wall shelf among our models, which you can choose in different volumes and shapes according to the place and purpose of use. The body of DEREN Wall Shelf consists of 1st class chipboard material. The parts of DEREN Wall Shelf have the feature to join together in the most solid way. DEREN Wall shelf is designed to be installed in the easiest way possible. You can easily mount it on your wall with the hanging apparatus that comes out of the box. Our products are shipped after quality control is done by our expert staff. Since the colors and patterns of our product are selected from the same color chart as all our other models, it is suitable to be teamed with our other models. Assembly: Our products are delivered disassembled in a special cargo package. Necessary installation diagram, material box compatible with the assembly diagram of all screws and accessories, and user manual are included in the packages.

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