Акация, Ясень Черный, Дуб, Террасные Доски (1 Сторона)

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Тип древесины Древесина массив
Вид древесины Европейские лиственные
Порода/Материал Акация, Ясень черный, Дуб
Происхождение Венгрия
Вид Террасные Доски (1 сторона)


Объем 100.0 - 2000.0 ft3 ежемесячно
Ширина 26 mm
Длина 332 mm
Толщина 332 mm
Сорт Excellent
Сертификация ISPM 15
Описание GEMINI DECK WOODEN PAVING PANELS can be used both inside and outside the house.
The wooden elements of different types and shapes are supplied screwed onto plastic lattice frameworks.The panels can be fitted to each other with one click.There are 9 panels/m2.
- The panels are easily and quikly (1m2/min)assembled or dismantled,without employing a tradesman or special equipment.
- Transferable,
- easy to transport,
- Variable,
- Natural and elegant,
- Fit harmoniously into the environment
- Easy to clean,
- High load bearing capacity,
- Resistant to heat and cold,
- Waterproof and water diverting,
- Extremely durable,
- Anti-slip version is available for places where it can come into contact with water(swimming pools,bathrooms,saunas)
For outside and inside :
- steamed and natural acacia(min 30 years of durability),
- oak,
- larch,
- ash.
For inside :
For saunas :

Цена и условия

Стоимость 39.90 EUR за m2 (sqm)
Инкотермы EXW - франко завод Страна Венгрия
Крайний срок поставки Доступное под заказ за менее чем 30 дней
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